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Contact Lenses

The doctors at Invision Eyecare will attend to your eye health and ensure that your contact lenses properly correct your vision. As each person’s eyes are unique, your contact lenses will reflect your specific needs. If you are interested in contact lenses, your Optometrist or Registered Optician will perform a contact lens evaluation which includes an in-depth analysis of your corneal health, lids and tear layer before recommending a particular contact lens design. We recommend you visit your Doctor of Optometry annually to monitor the health of your eyes. During your assessments you will receive a personal consultation with a regulated professional and discuss any new contact lens technology that may better suit your particular vision needs.

If you have never worn contact lenses, we schedule an appointment to teach you the proper insertion/removal procedure, hygiene and contact lens wearing schedule. Diagnostic lenses are provided at no charge.

Many patients do not know that presbyopia can now be corrected by multifocal contact lenses. Don’t be limited to bifocal glasses any longer. Ask our staff about the new multifocal contact lenses available at our office!

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Buying your contact lenses from a Doctor of Optometry will ensure you achieve optimal vision, comfort and eye health. Your Optometrist will only fit you with contact lenses approved by Health Canada and ensure that your lenses are authentic, accurate and safe to wear. Contact lenses are a medical device which is placed directly on your cornea, a very vulnerable part of the body. Ensure the health of your eyes and order your contact lenses from your regulated health care professional.

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