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Frequently Asked Questions

Vision and Eye Health Examination

Yes there is a difference between a “sight test” and an vision and eye health examination. A sight test simply judges how well you can recognize letters on a chart to determine your lens prescription. There is no eye health examination to determine early signs of eye disease or visual problems such as eye alignment and accuracy of focusing.

The full eye exam that we conduct looks for any eye diseases in addition to measuring your sight. Using advanced equipment and highly trained staff, we look for the many eye conditions that start to become evident before you experience symptoms. As Doctors of Optometry, we also detect other health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and thyroid disorders through an examination of your eyes. Regular eye exams help detect emerging conditions, so you can get the treatment you need to maintain healthy eyes and clear sight.

For more information follow the Doctors of Optometry website. See link below:

Eye Exam vs Sight Test

Invision Eyecare strongly recommends that children have their first eye exam by the age of three. However, if there is a family history of an ocular condition or you have a concern about your child’s development, we will examine your child at any age.

Remember a school screening is not the same as having your eyes examined by a Doctor of Optometry.

Invision Eyecare is owned entirely by Dr. Paul Paoli. This practice has no connections to any other business and no other location. It is simply the location where Dr. Paoli, Dr. Gibson, Dr. McLeod and Dr. Nichols practice Optometry in Peterborough.

OHIP provides coverage annually for children up to 19 years of age and adults who are 65 years or older. Some eye conditions are covered for other ages and for more frequent examinations. This would be determined by your Optometrist at the time of your appointment based on your specific case. We cannot confirm whether you are eligible for second-party insurance coverage prior to your examination.

A sight test is not the same as having your eyes examined by a Doctor of Optometry. Therefore, even if you have perfect 20/20 vision, it is still important that the doctor check the health of your eyes. Many diseases progress without symptoms, so early detection through regular visits to an Optometrist is important for you and your family. A routine eye examination will screen for early signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetes and retinal detachments.

Yes, you can have an eye exam while pregnant or breastfeeding. Please inform the staff or doctor of your health condition during your eye exam.

Dilation drops (mydriatics) are used to give the Optometrist a better view of the inside of the eye. They are especially important for people with risk factors for eye diseases because they allow a more thorough evaluation. The frequency with which these drops are required depends on the patient’s symptoms, age, health and family history at the discretion of the doctor.

Common side effects are blurry near vision and light sensitivity which lasts two to six hours. It is recommended that you bring a driver. It is important to bring a pair of sunglasses with you to the appointment. We do have temporary sunglasses available for patients who forget their personal pair.

Retinal imaging, whether by high resolution colour photography or optical coherence tomography (OCT), gives the doctor information unavailable by other means. It allows earlier diagnosis of any changes in eye health. It has become the standard of care in Optometry. As part of our commitment to excellence in eye care, we strongly recommend imaging during your comprehensive eye exams.

Most medications have potential ocular side effects. For example, some anti-inflammatory medications increase your risk of developing cataracts; several heart medications can affect colour vision; various anti-arthritis drugs can damage the retina. The risk is usually low but your eye doctor needs to be aware of all medications, vitamins, supplements and eye drops you are currently taking.

As a general rule, one pair of glasses will not fit all your daily needs and activities. By telling us a bit more about yourself, the Optometrist can make the best prescription recommendation and we can select the best lens design for your lifestyle.

For example, someone who works at a computer all day may find a second pair of computer glasses relieves her eye strain and fatigue because it is customized for her occupational needs (Zeiss iOffice). Another patient who is active outdoors or drives for their profession will benefit from a pair of good quality sunglasses.

No! Invision Eyecare has invested in the newest intraocular pressure measurement technology. This exciting invention allows us to test eye pressure with no air puff and no anesthetic eye drops. Our patients are loving it.

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At Invision Eyecare we respect that not all noses are the same and commit to a no scent policy. We ask that when you come to visit our office you refrain from wearing strong scents as we want to ensure that all patients have a safe and comfortable visit.

Prescription Eyewear

Prescription glasses are a medical device which require a licensed healthcare professional to fill the prescription. Our doctors and staff are trained to take the correct measurements for your eyewear. This may include, your pupillary distance, optical centres, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, face form and frame wrap. It is our responsibility to ensure these measurements are made correctly so that you do not experience visual problems such as induced prism, blurred vision, and/or eye strain and fatigue.

Our staff are governed by the College of Opticians of Ontario and the College of Optometrists of Ontario to ensure that we follow Canadian health and safety standards. Continuing education is a mandatory requirement in order to continue practising as a licensed healthcare professional. Thus, we stay current in the field. If you buy eyewear online, there is no governing body nor licensed professional to ensure your glasses are made correctly.

While at first it may seem more cost effective to purchase your glasses online, there are several reasons to consider buying your glasses from either your Optometrist’s office or an optical retail store with a Registered Optician.

No. Feature for feature, when identical frames and lenses are compared, we are competitive with other retail locations. We do have some very high end and exclusive products available which are a higher price point but these are not representative of our full range of services.

Almost all our glasses are made here on-site by our optical lab technician Dave O’Brien. The majority of our lenses are manufactured in Ontario by Essilor and Zeiss. They are both world leaders in lens production.

You do not have to purchase glasses from the same place you had your eye exam. Your prescription is yours to take with you and fill how you please. If you do not have a copy of your prescription while browsing our frame gallery, one of our staff can always have that information sent to Invision Eyecare via fax or e-mail.

Our eyeglass lab on-site allows us to strictly control the high level of craftsmanship that we promise our patients. Our lab technician will do the final lens edging and assembly by hand here in the office. You do not have to be without your glasses while waiting for your new lenses. However, drilled, rimless-mount frames must be sent to the lens manufacturer.

This answer really depends on the child’s prescription and the doctor’s recommendations. That being said, proper vision will allow your child to excel in sports and recreation. Prescription sports goggles are available to protect your child’s eyes during sporting events. Custom swim and ski goggles are also available in prescriptions. Prescription sunglasses, transitions lenses and/or opti-fog lenses will provide full protection and comfort for your child.

If your glasses are not comfortable, they may need an adjustment. We recommend patients see us for an adjustment every six months or so.

If you can’t see with your new glasses there is a protocol to follow so that we can resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1. Verify that the dispensed lenses are the correct prescription at the location you purchased the glasses. The technician should also confirm that your frame and lens measurements are accurate. If it is a simple solution, the technician will make the necessary adjustments and decide whether new lenses need to be ordered.

2. If the technician cannot resolve the problem, than an appointment with your prescribing doctor will be scheduled. The prescription may need to be altered slightly.

* Please note at our office prescription changes will only be warrantied if addressed within the first sixty days of purchasing the glasses. If you wait longer than three months, than you will have to pay for new lenses at full price. *

Contact Lenses

It is easy to forget that a contact lens is a medical device. The contacts rest directly on the surface of your cornea and if not checked on a regular basis, contact lenses may have adverse effects. Your Optometrist or Registered Optician needs to assess the eye for early signs of infection, inflammation, dryness and/or hypoxia (cells deprived of oxygen). Often these sorts of problems remain asymptomatic until they have progressed to a severe state.

Contact lens technology is continually evolving. The lenses most suitable for you last year, may not be the best option now. The Optometrist may want to change the contact lens design to optimize your eye health and comfort.

Contact lenses are a regulated medical device. Only a trained professional can properly fit your contact lenses. There are hundreds of different types of contact lenses all in different sizes and curvatures. On-going professional care is the only way to optimize your comfort, safety and overall satisfaction with contact lenses.

For convenience, if you prefer to order your contact lenses online, check out our online contact lens store. We can deliver the lenses to a preferred location or you are welcome to pick them up at our office. Your online order will be verified by your eye doctor before delivery.

Order your contact lenses online!

It is important your child is mature enough to properly care for contact lenses on his/her own. There are exceptions, but typically we advise that children start wearing contact lenses no earlier than age 14.

Financial Assistance

Insurance coverage is a private agreement between the insurance company and patient. Every insurance plan is different and is subject to change. Due to privacy restrictions, Invision Eyecare cannot access information regarding your coverage and cannot know the specifics of your policy. Your insurance company will release eligibility dates and coverage to the policy holder only. Before your appointment, contact your insurance company to determine your coverage and date of eligibility.

We can submit directly to Green Shield if you bring your insurance card with you to the appointment.

Here are links for other common insurance companies:

  • Great West Life
  • Manulife
  • Sunlife
  • Blue Cross

If you have First Nations status, you may be eligible for some coverage towards your eye examination and glasses. To submit for glasses, your prescription cannot be older than one year. Please bring your status card with you to the appointment to receive approval.

The Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP) and Ontario Works will cover one comprehensive eye examination every two years. Any additional appointments are the patient’s responsibility to pay for exam fees.

While scheduling your appointment, please let our office staff know you are covered by one of these programs. You will need to bring a valid health card and drug benefit card corresponding to the month of your appointment.

These social service programs provide coverage for basic frames and lenses. Some lens designs may not be covered. If you require new glasses, our office will provide you with a copy of the prescription and an estimate for your eyewear. It is the patient’s responsibility to bring this information to their case worker. Once we receive approval forms, we will order the frames and lenses.

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