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Vision & Eye Health Examinations

You and your Optometrist share the important task of keeping your eyes healthy for a lifetime. At Invision Eyecare, we are committed to exceptional patient care and are continually updating our diagnostic technology, services and products.

When you arrive for your appointment, you can expect friendly and professional staff and doctors. In order to serve you better, the doctors have an Optometric Assistant perform preliminary measurements. The assistant will review your family medical history and measure your current prescription, eye pressures, and other baseline information pertinent to your eye health.

Your doctor will conduct a thorough review of your eye health as well as a vision assessment. Note that reading the eye chart is only one small part of how your visual system functions. Your doctor will use the most advanced technology and skill to diagnose and treat. This more thorough examination will help your Optometrist detect systemic disease as well as any abnormality of the eye and visual system. Remember, the best way to maintain your eye health is by being proactive, so schedule your next eye exam today!

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